Marayoor is the gateway to Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in Devikulam Taluk of Idukki district and established in 1984, this 90.422 sq. km reserve is situated in the rain shadow region of Western Ghats . The terrain is largely undulating with the highest peak, Kottakombumala looming at 2144 meters.
Chinnar shares its western boundary with Eravikulam National Park and is contiguous with Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary in Coimbatore district to the East. The sanctuary is clothed in contrasting and diverse forest clove. Extensive shoals or stretches of evergreen forests clad Chinnar with scenic enchantment.
Elephants, gaur - the largest of existing bovines, sambar the largest Indian deer, chital the spotted deer, muntjac the barking deer, sloth bear, wild boar, hanuman monkey - bonnet macaque, loris, rabbit, panther, leopard are some of the animals in Chinnar wildlife sanctuary.
A highly endangered species documented here is the grizzled giant squirrel, an active and exceptionally cute rodent which usually keeps to the treetops. The rare and beautiful star tortoise is another addition to the diverse fauna of the wildlife sanctuary. The star tortoise, conspicuous by its deep blue shell and sandal coloured markings, is a typical denizen of the scrub jungle.
Bird life is evenly abundant in Chinnar, ranging from grey jungle fowls to the magnificent peacocks. Animals and birds are commonly sighted as you travel along the road from Karimutti, the sanctuary's entrance, to Chinnar.
The hilly and greenish terrain with its rocky patches boosts the scenic beauty. Deep within the sanctuary the stunning thoovanam waterfalls awaits the tourist. The immense thoovanam waterfalls on the Chinnar river with its spectacular silvery cascade are a delight to the visitor.
Trail cleared permit trekkers accessibility to the forest, as a part of wildlife tourism. Observatories or watch towers have been erected to provide a fascinating view of animals at their natural habitat. The mesmerizing Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is an assured unique experience to the tourist and the trekker.

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